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Paper Flowers Shop

MEET 83 blooms

83 Blooms is a brand of Studio 83 LLC. located in Edison, NJ. 

This is a branch of our main endeavor dedicated to art with paper in the form of flowers.  We recreate the beauty of flowers and make it so they last longer that live florals with the purpose of people being able to enjoy these pieces of decor/art forever.

Studio 83 is a graphic design and art business led by Jennifer Riaza, who has a passion and a history of art and sculpture.  



Hi! I'm Jen. Thank you for visiting my site.

My journey with flowers started with having been born in Colombia which is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world.  Always being surrounded by all types of flowers you can imagine, and even big festivals dedicated to floral art; it was ingrained in me that beauty is everywhere and in every form... only it didn't last that long :(

My other journey with art and sculpture started by working with wood but then grew to paper which feels, to me, a little more real and natural. 

So, that's how I started making the paper flowers with the purpose of trying to keep their beauty in people's places for longer and even forever if well cared for. 

I currently reside in New Jersey, where you can find me at art fairs and bazaars with my paper flowers and other art pieces.


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